Boat Juice Ceramic Wax - SiO2 Infused - Extreme Gloss + Slickness - Protect Your Boat From Water Spots…

Boat Juice Ceramic Coating Wax is a brand new innovative product that we are proud to announce. 

Take your boat's finish to the next level with this extremely durable and slick Ceramic Wax.

As easy to use as a standard liquid wax, with superior durability of a SiO2 Ceramic.

Here are some of the amazing benefits of this new product.

  • Ceramic Wax is a SiO2 and Polymer Sealant that leaves your boat with a durable long lasting protective coating 
  • Provides a superior UV protection that protects your boat from oxidation and fading.
  • Extreme Slickness and Gloss, excellent hydrophobic properties
  • Use together with Boat Juice Exterior cleaner to maintain your boats glossy surface in between applications. 
  • Works great on Boats, RV’s, Cars and Trucks

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