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Marine Ceramic Coating Kits (Choose your item)

Marine Ceramic Coating Kits (Choose your item)

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Boat Juice Ceramic Coatings are the latest advancement in protective marine ceramic coatings for gelcoat, paint, brightwork, and interior surfaces. Protect your boat inside and out against UV rays, fouling and scum lines, staining, and oxidation.

Boat Juice Ceramic Coatings repel dirt and minimize staining both inside and outside your boat thanks to their extreme chemical resistance and slickness. Our Ceramic Coatings have amazing hydrophobicity, and resist water-spots and make cleaning your boat easier after a day on the water.

Boat Juice Ceramic Coatings are designed to be a single layer application saving time during the installation process.

Exceptional Gloss and Depth of Shine

Boat Juice Exterior Ceramic Coatings provide a High Gloss finish that exceeds Factory paint or gelcoat shine. Your boat will look glossier than the day you brought it home!

Extreme Durability

Boat Juice Ceramic Coatings are the most durable protective coatings currently available for your boat. Boat Juice Ceramic Coatings will not wash away and can not be removed by harsh environmental conditions.

Versatile and Effective

Boat Juice Ceramic Coatings provide protection for you boat Inside and out! Boat Juice Exterior Ceramic Coatings provide exceptional gloss, slickness, and protection on all surfaces on the outside of your boat.

Boat Juice Interior Ceramic Coatings, with their unique formulation provide all the protection of and benefits of our Exterior coating, without adding unnecessary slipperiness to the inside surfaces of your boat.


Boat Juice Ceramic Coatings create a smooth and slick hydrophobic surface. This creates a consistent anti stick factor making it easy to clean away surface contaminates both inside and outside of your boat.

Boat Juice Ceramic Coating products exhibit extreme hydrophobicity and long-term protection. Water slides right off, reducing water spotting, and staining. Your boat will be easier to clean at the end of the day due to reduced contamination.

UV Rejection and Protection

Boat Juice Ceramic Coatings utilize a unique blend of POLYSILAZANE molecules to protect your boat’s surfaces from the harsh UV rays of the Sun.

The UV protection of Boat Juice Ceramic Coating protects gelcoat, paint, rubber and plastics, and vinyl against premature aging and color fading.

Boat Juice Ceramic Coating will keep your boat’s brand new look, while reducing the effort needed to maintain its beautiful appearance.

Very intense UV exposure, along with alkali or salty water, are a few of the main reasons for gelcoat and paint oxidation and color loss. Boat Juice Exterior Ceramic Coating has an extreme chemical resistance, and as a bonded protective layer it protects against these environmental contamination aspects.

Extreme Oxidation Barrier

Boat Juice Ceramic Coating is a protective layer that seals your gelcoat and prevents oxidation from mineral deposits, salt water, oxidation, stains, and harsh chemicals and environmental contamination.

Glossy, Slick, and Self Cleans!

Boat Juice Ceramic Coating’s protective layer reduces the surface tension of surfaces allowing mineral deposits, bird droppings, fish blood, and other grime to be easily washed away.

The self-cleaning properties of a marine product are absolutely crucial, as most of the hull remains underwater and is exposed to organic contamination. Thanks to slickness, the daily maintenance of your boat will become much quicker and easier. Very high water mark resistance is a huge benefit as well, eliminating one of the biggest drawbacks of ceramic coatings in the marine sector.

Versatile and Flexible

Boat Juice Ceramic Coating has proven to be a perfect coating for surfaces exposed to expansion and deformation such as the flexing of a fiberglass hull. The coating wont crack or flake like acrylic sealants. This also allows Boat Juice Ceramic Coating to be applied to upholstery and roll-up enclosures.

Durability and Longevity

The durability of Boat Juice Ceramic Coating will depend on many different factors, and we are confident that Boat Juice Ceramic Coating will last 3 years above the waterline as long as the coating is maintained properly and is not exposed to an abnormal amount of abrasion.

Insane Gloss and Depth of Shine

Once coated with Boat Juice Ceramic Coating your boat will be noticeably glossier than everyone else that shows up at the dock. The shine and color depth on a Boat Juice Ceramic Coated boat is second to none. Boat Juice Ceramic Coating, unlike other polymer sealants or waxes, provides permanent gloss and shine!

Reduced Cleaning Time and Maintenance

Once fully cured after 24 hours, Boat Juice Ceramic Coating becomes extremely hydrophobic and water slides right off the surface and grabs dirt, grime, and contaminates as it goes. This is known as the self cleaning effect. Wiping down at the end of the day with Boat Juice Exterior Spray will be even easier, and the need for higher strength cleaning chemicals is be a thing of the past!

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