Ramp Quote t-shirts

Have you ever said something at the ramp and immediately knew that it came out wrong? We have immortalized a quote from one of our lake adventures on this quality ramp quote t-shirt. 

Here’s the back story to this ramp quote;

The boat was being backed down the ramp by the husband and the wife was all set to back the boat away from the trailer as soon as it was floating. Well said husband stopped short and stepped out of the truck looking at his bride like, well are you going to back it off the trailer? The caring wife yells back to her puzzled husband, “You’re going to have to go deeper to get me off!”  As you can imagine, the entire boat erupted in laughter and that moment has been quoted many times since. 

Send us your ramp quotes and we might pick it for our next shirt. If we pick your quote, we will send you a free shirt with your quote. 

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